How Semaa Na Whisbie works

SEMAA NA WHISBIE is a web-based anonymous reporting system in which a ‘whistle blower’ can report violations of a code of conduct. It provides an opportunity for a person to report and upload evidence without. Upon sending a report, the report could traverse three continents before getting to the destination, i.e. a report send from an organisation in Kenya may travel through South America, Japan, New Zealand before getting to its destination in the same organisation in Kenya. This way, no amount of reverse engineering can reveal the ‘whistle blower’. The ‘whistle blower’ cannot be contacted. However, the ‘whistle blower’ is expected to provide sufficient information to enable an organisation deal with the reported ‘wrong’. The person being reported is also ‘protected’ until the process of ‘hearing’ is completed. An organisation with this system will only address the issues raised and in the process deter many wrong doings and create a conducive working environment. Click here for more details.

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